Anyone get heartburn from riding?

Since December, I’ve been dealing with a minor annoyance where I have a tender spot just behind my breastbone. No other real symptoms until a couple of weeks ago, started getting some massive full feelings after eating, even when it wasn’t that much, and coffee and other acidic foods seemed to trigger. Mentioned it to the PCP and he said that was probably the esophagus that was tender and to take tums for a few weeks to see if it resolved. It didn’t, but saw my Gastroenterologist this morning and he said it was likely nothing serious, but without a scope couldn’t say if it was esophageal or upper stomach, but that it was pretty common and he prescribed prilosec for 8 weeks as he said any damage that may be causing the pain could take up to 8 weeks to heal. We will give treatment a chance before any scoping procedures are scheduled.

After that, we’d probably need to see about changes to prevent. So was wondering, anyone else think time hunched over the bike may be a contributor? Bike Position giving that stomach acid a less than vertical path back up the wrong way. Also early morning coffee and other food on the bike perhaps making it worse?

I had a situation almost identical to this at the start of last year. Add to your symptoms a elevated resting heart rate due to vagus nerve irritation, and nasty reflux. Cut mints out of my diet, stopped doing trainer rides after dinner, and took 12 weeks of Prilosec and the issue was resolved. In hindsight, figure it was riding a full stomach pushing food and acid up through upper stomach valve (LES).

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I’ve been dealing with this in a similar timeframe to yourself, though in the context of several other post-COVID symptoms. I’ve also had an elevated resting heart rate like the reply above. I am doing much better at this point, though still on the mend. 8 weeks off of the bike may have been a help with the reflux, though that was done primarily to address fatigue symptoms. I think the biggest benefit to the acid reflux reduction has been a regimen of slippery elm bark powder added to warm water or tea a couple of times a day, to coat my esophagus and gut as everything heals. I personally try to avoid proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec.