Nutrition on the bike, for the acid reflux patient

Does anyone out here suffer from Acid Reflux? and if so how do you handle on-bike nutrition? I think I have correctly concluded that my acid reflux (new patient to acid reflux) is caused or severely aggravated by sugary sports drinks, Infinit, Maurten, CarboRocket, Skratch to name a few.
Does anyone have any suggestions? My favorite events are marathon XC stuff and eating whole foods for 8+hours doesn’t seem practical.

Thanks in advance.

Try Hammer Nutrition Heed or Perpetum. Frutose and -ose cause me issues also.

I would def suggest whole food (at least partially) for an 8hr event. Anything over 3 hrs you should prob consider it. I would expect to feel ill drinking sugary water for 3hr plus.
A lot of people make rice cake type things for on bike nutrition (white rice or white bread w pb J). YouTube Dylan Johnson. He has some good videos on this question (in general - not necessarily for acid reflux. Also he is a long distance MTB / gravel pro)