Anyone fly with home made carb mix?

I strictly use my own mix and I’m concerned about traveling with a bunch of bags of white powder in my bike bag.

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Legit concern. Just write “not cocaine” on the packages and you should be good to go.


:thinking: a stealth move would be to vacuum seal your mix into doses and toss in a spoon, needle, lighter, and a VHS tape of Pulp Fiction :scream:


IMHO you are asking for trouble/inconvenience. The wife of my PhD supervisor once took a few packs of pancake mix with her as a gift to friends in the US. She warned the customs officer about opening them several times … and indeed, hilarity ensued, the customs officer ended up with a face full of pancake mix. And yes, he confirmed it wasn’t drugs and let her go.

Even putting commercial, off-the-shelf drink mix, which usually comes in these huge containers, into smaller tupper ware is not a good idea. (I thought about it and decided against it.)

I’d compromise and buy drink mix at your location.

Oh, and put a hemp leaf sticker on your suitcase. And keep your drink mix underneath the inner lining. In my suitcases the lining has a zipper, that should make things easier.


That’s why they always cut open the bag with a knife, moist their finger and taste it before making the arrest!

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I brought my own drink mix during my last flight without any issues. This was from Sweden to Spain, so I don’t know if it would be different in the US.

I took a resealable sandwich bag nearly full of Skratch drink mix from California to London, the remainders back to California, then another full bag from California to Oregon and back to California. The bag was stored in an empty bidon in the bottle cages of my bike, which was checked luggage. I know TSA checked my bike bag based on the paper they leave behind.

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liquids seem like the real deal, what with the dumping of water bottles before passing thru security

Drink it all beforehand and store it as fat.

That’s how bears do it, sort of.


Yes, I’ve done it. Carried it in my hand luggage and was prepared to have it taken off me. The TSA guy asked me what it was, I said “basically sugar”, he was super bemused and a bit suspicious, and took the bag away for extra testing. After that I got everything back and was on my way. I have to say that I’m a white woman and anyone who they’re racially profiling might have more difficulties. Edit: for what it’s worth, this was in Newark.


I’ve done it in the US with no issues. I usually pre-portion everything into snack size bags and then put those inside a gallon bag and then put those in my bike bag. If you’re concerned, you could always just buy bags of Maurten and take those.

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Put it in your checked bag. There are issues with powders in carry-ons (and not drug related - usually concerns over combustibility). It will be fine.

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I have taken multiple sandwich bags ful of drink mix on trips many times….never once had an issue, either in checked luggage or carryon.

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If it’s not drugs I wouldn’t worry, only thing is maybe use a mason jar or something similar. That way if they do check it they won’t ruin the sandwich bag and/or make a mess in your luggage.


A few years ago the police were focused on an infamous stretch of road pulling people over left and right. I was going to be on that road with my homemade mix in pre-measured sandwich bags and labeled by gram mass. I gave that all a bit of thinking and understood being pulled over would be a big hassle. Officer, I swear it’s only sugar!

I’ve never flown with it, but flew once with spaghetti sauce seasoning in my carry on. They were very interested in that at Heathrow but only ran my camera through the x-ray twice and never said a word to me about it.

Just did it, carry on, they didn’t even check. Same experience multiple times in the past. They can do quick swab tests at the gate to see if it really is anything suspicious, which I have had them do in the past. I just threw some packets of LMNT in the same big gallon ziploc so it gives a good idea what was in there.

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