Flying question?

I know you cannot take a CO2 cartridge on the plane, but will TSA allow a mini compressor (like Fumpa pump)? Any experiences?

FWIW, I have never had a problem flying in the US with CO2 cartridges in my bike bag. The only time it was an issues was flying back from Iceland and we had to remove them.

I have probably flown ~10 times since 2021.

But there should not be an issue with an electronic pump.

Did you tell them you had CO2? They’re considered dangerous goods, not supposed to fly with them.

Electric pump is fine.

I’ve accidentally flown twice with CO2 cartridges and had them confiscated each time. One time even came with a warning letter a few days later to my home from Homeland Security. The other time there was a note in my bag that they had been removed for safety reasons.