Anyone else Lost workout/progression images on Strava again?

They were gone a few weeks ago then back and now gone again. Anyone else having this issue?


They have been taking a couple of mins to upload for me. The ride uploads to strava but the image doesnt seem to load for a few mins afterwards.

P.S. I haven’t experienced it not uploading at all. Consistently used 2-4 times a week every week.


I am wondering if it’s a platform dependent bug? I’ve seen it off and on as well, but only if I’ve used my iPad to do the session. If I do the session on my MacBook (my default setup) I’ve never had this happen…


I had this happen a few weeks ago as well. This time however, it’s been over 24 hours. The title and power uploads but no TR image of workout

Same here, but I don’t think it’s a TR issue, the same thing happens to me with Zwift rides.

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Still? Just did another work out. Same thing.

Happened to me today. Some workouts in the last few weeks have taken a few minutes, but ultimately made it to Strava. It’s been 6 hours, and no image yet.


I’m not in IT but can’t help but think Strava seems to run tight on server / computing capacity. In the last 6 months I regularly see Strava error codes on the phone app. Don’t think its a TR issue.

Hey there! Sorry to hear this issue has popped back up for you – we’ll take a look to see what’s up.

For what its worth the last couple of days I’ve seen sluggish response while scrolling thru my feed and propping rides. Sometimes I come back and have to give a kudo again.

Yes, seems like it. Or something like the new auto upload Zwift videos is causing issues. Something is not right.

There was a thread on Reddit this week about particularly slow start up times for TR. I have an old device so it’s out of the norm but this last week it can take several minutes from turning on to starting a workout.

Can’t speak to TR, however Strava has been very very sluggish this week. Both the app (iPhone) and in a web browser on my laptop.

Hey all! I wanted to provide an update on this issue.

We did some digging into this and figured out that the TR image won’t appear on Strava if one is in the middle of editing their Strava ride when TR tries to send over the workout image.

We’re working with Strava to prevent this from happening, but in the meantime, you can avoid this problem if you wait for the image to sync from TR before making any edits to the file in Strava.

If you have any rides without TR Workout images, please reach out to Support with the name of any rides that are missing the images, and we can get them re-sent for you.

This was the case for me for about a week or so but it has since resolved itself. I can now edit the Strava ride before the image appears and it still uploads.

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Sweet, that’s good news! I’ll send that feedback to our team working on this one. :slight_smile: