Anyone created a script to auto import Trainingpeaks workouts (coach issued) to TrainerRoad?

As per the question. I know you can do this via the workout creator but its a ball ache doing it for every scheduled session.


I used to take my coaches workouts and rebuild them with workout builder. It pretty easy to do. You can pop a few out in 20 minutes.

Or I’d find one close enough that had already been built. TSS ans IF close. Basic workout the same.

It takes a special coach to really tailor a workout specific to you. Most repurpose workouts and make a plan for you. IMO, they are there for accountability and understanding the metrics.

With the calendar and tools like I don’t see the need for a coach.

After a year or so, I got rid of the coach and just used TR plans. Saved time and money! I still send him texts of my gains :).

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Any movement on the ability to see my TrainingPeaks coach issued workouts in TrainerRoad. Exporting them from TrainingPeaks, importing to the workout creator and saving just to get them to sync is tedious and not sustainable.

Currently I’m using Zwift because the TrainingPeaks workouts are automatically synced into Zwifts workout library.

Just to clarify, before the pitchforks come out, I am NOT asking for TR workouts to be exported, I want my custom workouts from TP to be available in TrainerRoad.

One feature that TrainerRoad could implement that might solve this is to make the TrainerRoad app respond to erg or mrc filetypes.
You know when you are on your phone and you get a text document and it opens your word processor. Well if TrainerRoad could act as a reader of these files then you could just ‘open’ them from the TrainingPeaks app straight to TrainerRoad.

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TR should have an analytical part like wattsboard, they would be enough for me just to pay TR fee

You can drag and drop ERG and MRC files into our Workout Creator and it will construct the workout for you. To learn more, check out this article in our Help Center:
Creating a Workout from an ERG or MRC File


Very true, however that would require installing Adobe Air. :tired_face:

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Even a import from a local directory would be OK, but using workout creator just to import a workout that is already created is not ideal. Come on TrainerRoad, even the game company handles this way better!!!