Anyone considering GCN Race pass?

Definitely a hassle using iPhone+AirPlay to cast although it has worked well so far :slight_smile: Looking forward to having an Apple TV app. Thanks!


I hate to be the old guy yelling at kids to get off my lawn, but is it really that big of a hassle?

Am I the only one left who remembers videotaping bike races on VHS tales that were at least one week old before they aired in the 80’s? Or calling the VeloNews race line (at some obscene cost / minute) to find out who won Paris-Roubaix? Or trying to hook up your PC to your TV via a serial port so you could watch some highly-pixelated race coverage in Dutch / Italian / Spanish? Risking lord knows what viruses off CyclingFans or Tiz?

We’ve never had it this good as far as race viewing options…


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey you’ll notice I didn’t actually give the hassle a rating! Really just a minor annoyance when I go for lunch and forget phone, or am working out in the backyard. So far I’m loving GCN+, and going to love it more when there is an ATV app :grinning:


the app was updated last week and can now be installed and work on the shield tv directly. no casting needed. works great! maybe give that a try

Thanks @Skyewalkr, funny you should mention this…

Support emailed me overnight saying they don’t support casting to NVidia Shield and it “may or may not work”. This seemed wrong to me, so I went to their site to check that their supported devices lists “Android TV” and says nothing about particular devices. And I noticed at the same time that there’s now an Android TV app available. I’ve been sitting here at work wondering whether it will be available to install on the Shield. From what you say it sounds promising! I’ll try when I get home :slight_smile:

Feedback on the other thread looks positive too: Who else is excited for GCN+? - #191 by Bikr. This could be a game changer if it solves the buffering issue :slight_smile:

Installed the app on the Shield TV but I couldn’t find the UAE highlights, only the full replay. So I chromecasted for awhile and the buffering was happening until I got sick of it and stopped. Then I went into the app again and I was able to find the highlights via “Continue Watching” - neat trick.

And it works perfectly! No buffering at all and the quality is perfect :slight_smile: It’s been a bit of a journey, but I’m chuffed. Hopefully this helps others who’ve been having the same issues.

It depends where you are in the world, Android is being rolled out in the UK right now - just a bit longer to wait for USA sadly, thanks for your patience however!

All good here in AU :slight_smile:

So far pretty disappointed with the GCN+ app and web player in comparison to my Eurosport subscription and their service. I assumed the GCN+ stuff would be built on the same tech with fresh branding and different content but the app is pretty shaky and the web player not much better.

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i agree… the web player doesnt run on a couple of my laptops.
The app is dire at best, crashes randomly, not iPad configured. I genuinely expected a better interface and more professional level of data/content presentation.

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It’s not awful but if the race is available on both then I’m choosing Eurosport every time at the moment. Fingers crossed it improves quickly - the content is decent.

@Brian_GCN Very pleased to see the release of the Android TV app for my Chromecast (CCGTV), which I’ve now installed. :smiley:

This should be a much nicer interface to use than casting from mobile devices, which I’m never much keen on, and has the potential to be less error prone, so thanks for that. I’ll report back on whether this resolves the buffering of recorded cast content that I used to see on the Chromecast.

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Is anyone else having trouble viewing stage 4 of the UAE tour on GCN+ today? I started watching it this morning and then the app crashed a couple of times and now the video won’t play at all.


Just checked, and it doesn’t load for me. Stage 3 does, so there must be something wrong with that one.

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Thanks for checking!

I couldn’t get stage 4 to work this morning. I was trying to watch it on my computer.

Can confirm the replay didn’t work for me either this evening albeit they did this afternoon! The highlights worked though so resorted to that.

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Watched stage 4 fine on Android to chrome cast earlier today

Stage 4 is working for me now. They must have fixed it. Thanks all.

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