I feel guilty for buying up a bunch of gear from my LBS that's on sale because of COVID

I know it’s kind of illogical but it is how I feel. Kind of like I’m only buying this stuff because its on sale. But on the flip side it’s better than me not making a purchase at all.

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I think supporting anything local is one of the best things to come out of this pandemic.

Rather than getting everything shipped from China because it’s cheaper. Spend a bit more and get it local.


Yea I agree, it just hits closer to home because you see these guys struggling enough that they needed to deep discount all the inventory

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Leave a tip in the form of cash if you appreciate them. No rules about this.


Well, maybe round it up a bit. Or pay them to fit it for you (even if you know how)

But anyway. Better that it gets sold and some money ends up in their till/wallet.


At least it’s in stock so you don’t have to pay shipping. I’ve stopped supporting lbs because 2 of the ones around me have started charging you for the shipping cost to them if they have to order something in.


There is a bike shop here in England doing raffles for bikes. Mostly by social media with live draws and phoning the winners.

£5000-£5500 bikes. £15-£16 per ticket and 400 tickets so they are selling almost a bike a day and making a good profit as going for over value.

Some people are moaning about it but I think good on them if they are stay afloat. Maybe suggest this to your LBS?

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Whose is that? I’d buy a ticket!!!

My wife and I have ten bikes between us so having spares around makes sense. I’ll buy from the local shops fairly regularly especially if they are within a few percent of online prices. I’ll always buy shoes/boots locally as having ill-fitting shoes even with free return from the likes of Wiggle/CRC are a recipe for trouble.

That’s just insane.

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They have a shop and run loads of sportives so are obviously hugely out of pocket.
Follow them on FB.

Some guy won a top bike last week and when they rang him his wife answered the phone and went mad coz he was spending n money on tickets :joy:


Your LBS must be a lot better than mine if you feel guilty about this. I can barely go into mine because the owner is such a massive asshole 75% of the time. If you don’t ride what he sells, he’ll basically tell you why your bike is trash and why his are better. Same for all your gear.

I got most of my stuff before I moved here, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend a ton of extra money just to appease him. I tried to support the local shop when I moved here, but he makes it so hard. Most of the time I literally end up driving 3 hours to support the shop from when I used to live because those guys are the best.


Definitely a valid point in that not all LBS are the same. I pass two more-convenient-to-me shops on my way to support a good one. A couple around here act as if it is our privilege to be in their fine establishment, and they seem to thrive on their own egos more than being members of the local cycling community. We do have some great ones, too, so I feel lucky to have choices.

If you have a good LBS, support the heck out of it.


Another one near me is like that too. And another one bled my brakes, the levers still touched the handlebars easily, and he said “it should be fine like that, but if you want me to retry I can put it back in the cue and it’ll be 2 weeks before I can get to it”

So I’ve bought all my own tools and given up on lbs all together.


I’m all about supporting our local shop so much bought the wife a new gravel bike, Surley Bridge Club in Grandma’s Lipstick Red and added a Quarq powermeter to my Santa Cruz Hightower just for fun along with being a technology nerd. If they get anywhere close to the on-line price I’m buying local.


New one just gone live (I have no affiliation with them btw)

Yea, they are a great shop. The mechanic has helped me out so many times. I have not bought any bikes from there since I just prefer to ride Specialized and Canyon(tri bike) prices are just too good but they don’t mind. He told me “Obviously I’d like it if you bought a bike from me but I’d be crazy to hold it against a person who doesn’t buy from my shop”


That’s what I’m talking about, man. Sounds like a damn good shop. I wish they were all like that.

That is the point of a sale…to entice people to buy something they normally would not have…or to entice them to make the purchase now, if they had been considering it.

SO do your best to support them and if they have a sale, there is no reason to feel guilty about it. Just keep giving them your business after this whole mess is over.


Its ok as long as you dont keep it with your 100 packs of toilet paper and insane amount of cleaning supplies.

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