Any SRAM Rival Power Meter reviews yet?

All I’ve seen so far is DCR’s first look

… and I think he alluded to GPLama seeing issues too (maybe different ones?) but don’t quote me on that.

I also feel like I read or heard him (DCR) say SRAM has since asked him to stop testing while they make some changes or updates? This may have been a side mention in his Friday YouTube Q&A last week?

Anyway, sorry to not mention any more sites with reviews, I don’t recall seeing any float by but haven’t been actively looking either. Unless I had a rival crank to upgrade with this option I feel like I’d lean full Quarq spider solution anyway for “total” power with more generations of design behind it?

I have one here. Yet to install it as I’m hunting for SRAM DUB spacers to make my BB ‘wide’ compatible.

So different issues… just not related to function :slight_smile:

Maybe I misread or misheard. Hoping for good results, love to see more options out there.

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