Any one else having problems with External Syncing Tonight

Not really a biggie as my TR ride has synced across TR platforms (pc/web/android). It never carried the survey response but hey ho. It never actually synced to Strava or GC and when I try via the 3… s to ‘Re-sync’ the ride, I get an error. I am just wondering if anyone else is having problems tonight ?

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We’re having some issues with our Servers at the moment, but our team is hard at work getting things back up and running.

All workouts are saved locally on your TrainerRoad app, so you have no need to worry! Once the servers are back online, everything should sync normally.

If you’re still having trouble syncing your ride once the servers are back up (should be shortly!), try logging out and back into the app to force the workouts to re-sync.

If issues persist, as always, reach out to for updates and assistance!