Any "larger gentleman/ladies" racing?

Love this approach. Shifting your focus to what your body can do as opposed to what it looks like is liberating, AND will make you a faster cyclist!!

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Yeah that would be silly. Physics is physics. It’s the fitness metric that is different. Cycling is power/mass. Football is velocity x mass.

I was saying that I used to be a square peg in a square hole. There was period of my life when I was extremely suited for the sports I was playing: physical, mental, temperament, everything. It was an amazing time, but you can only play those sports for long. With cycling it’s a mixed bag. Some things align, some things do not. You just gotta do what you can with what you’ve got.

I do think there are some practical limitations on recomp. Imagine telling Lachlan Morton that if he just ate and lifted enough, he could be a great middle linebacker. Doesn’t seem super realistic. The reverse seems equally as silly. There are many people who had never been at a high level of fitness and find themselves with a fairly optimal cycling physique after getting in shape and shoring up the diet a bit. That may be you, OP, or it might not be. In the case of the latter, don’t sweat it. Just do what makes you happy and know you’re in great shape.


“Racing” is a strong word for what I actually do… I sign up for races, suffer and finish. Events are just pins in the calendar for motivation to improve my fitness.

I am a lot less large than I was, but I never really experienced the negative vibes at the MTB and gravel events I have done. Either that or I was oblivious to it. I am not there for anyone else anyway.