Any kitesurfers here?

Hello everyone
I started cycling in July not only due to Covid, but also to have an activity that is not weather dependent (and to do an actual workout). I kitesurf (Bay Area, CA) about 100-120 days/year, and the workout just wasn’t very good. Just wondering if there are others that also kitesurf. I log my activities using Strava, and I find it wildly overestimates the caloric expenditure…would love to have something more accurate.

Hello there,
I kitesurf, although not nearly as much as you. I probably get out about 10 to 20 times a year as I’m an hour drive from the coast and having a family doesn’t seem conducive to spending lots of time kitesurfing.

As you’ve said the workout isnt great as it’s mainly core strength rather than aerobic. I used a combination of rowing and cycling to lose a lot of weight so I could go out in lighter winds!

I certainly prefer kitesurfing to cycling though as it’s much more of a buzz jumping etc. Covid has very much limited my kitesurfing this year though as we’ve not really been allowed to travel so I think I’ve literally been out about 3 times this year :frowning: I’m hoping that 2021 is a better year for it.

Calories wise I think I read something that suggested about 500 calories an hour for kitesurfing but this flexes up a bit if you are going crazy with tricks/jumps.