Any experience with Hybrid TB-SSB blocks?

Has anybody had success with adding or replacing 1-2 SS workouts/wk with Zone-2 workouts during their Base period to develop more low-end aerobic fitness while following a TR plan?

I had high expectations in October to follow a disciplined Zone-2 (out of 7) TB for 12 wks to address my low-end aerobic weakness in preparation for some mountainous Gran Fondo’s in 2021…

Well, that went out the window for a variety of interruptions…life goes on!

Since my first event is only 6 months away, (120-miles over multiple mountain passes with a group of lighter, faster, younger pals…), my original plan was to roll into an SSB-Build-Spec plan in January after the 12-week TB. However, now that I missed the TB I’m wondering about the merits of combining TB & SSB to get back on my original plan while addressing my neglected “shallow” low end…

Since TR plans are progressive it may mean a flatter FTP curve, but I’m thinking that’s a worthy compromise to lay a stronger foundation for 4-6 hour endurance events.

I may be overthinking this (easy to do in sedentary mode from the armchair…) while butchering well grounded TR plans with a hybrid of HR-based workouts (Z2) and Power-based workouts (SSB) plan.

Thanks in advance and apologies if this has been addressed here before…

There have been multiple threads on this topic, just a quick search found these, but I’m sure there are many more:


Awesome. Thanks, KlemenSj!

Also read the weekly training notes. At least for SSB there is usually an option for due a longer Z2 ride instead of the (typically) Sunday SS ride. Recommend using Plan Builder as a starting point. Selecting Beginner/Intermediate experience level will give more base and less specialty.

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