Any Easy Way to Push Custom Plan Out by XX weeks on TR Calendar?

Does anyone know if there is an “easy” / efficient way to push out a custom plan (plan == xx weeks of workouts) by a certain number of weeks (like 12)?

What I’m trying to do is the following: I laid out a custom plan that runs from early October to early May (so ~6 1/2 months), and I’m now thinking I want to through in a traditional base like period prior to the start of the plan I’ve setup. So I want to push the plan I’ve built out by ~12 weeks give or take. So I’m hoping someone knows an easy way to do this, as the only way I do would be to go copy a week, and the duplicate it XX weeks later. This is a time consuming and possibly error prone. So hoping someone knows an easier / more efficient way than this.

Shoot, there’s no way to facilitate this at the moment if you’ve built this plan just by adding workouts individually. Its a good feature request though to be able to save created blocks of workouts that you can then drop in/arrange later! Adding AT functionality for that would be tricky without knowing your goals and progressions, but its a cool thought!


I’ve actually given thought to how AT could be implemented for custom plans. Here’s my thinking: People would populate their plan with “generic” workouts which specify:

  • Workout length - this would be a multi-select in 15 minute increments. So someone could specify that either a 1 hour or 1:15 workout should be selected
  • Difficulty / High-level goal for AT: Achievable, Productive, Stretch, Breakthrough
  • Zones / Sub-Zones: e.g., recovery, endurance, tempo, etc.

I should also be able to save as many workouts as I want into a plan with a custom name. And then be able to reuse this plan by selecting a start date, just like with a TR plan. Even better would be if custom plans could be shared among TR users like custom workouts can be today.

Then AT would the day of populate the generic workout with the suggested workout - kind of like a TrainNow on steroids. People could then either approve the suggested workout, or look through a list of alternates and select one of those.

This would address all of the requests for custom / master / etc. plans, as people could select the days they can train, how long they can normally train on a specific day, what their training philosophy (e.g., polarized, pyramidal, etc.) they want to utilize is, the ratio of active to recovery, etc.

A lot of the plumbing to implement this is already there. So this should be doable, but I’m not in the least bit underestimating the amount of work required to bring this to fruition. But let me know if you need any alpha testers for this :rofl:


Totally! Going forward, Adaptive Training will be more deeply integrated into all aspects of TrainerRoad, and we’re always interested in how athletes can best use TR to get faster, so thanks for the great insight! :sunglasses:

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