Any chance of a Workout Level V2 for Xmas?

Just checking in to see if there are any updates around the release of Workout Levels V2?

I’m a fan of TR and have been on the platform for a few years now but with the amount of outdoor riding that I do, it hasn’t felt like a good fit for me, especially this time of year. I’ve held onto my sub for quite a while because of my legacy pricing but it’s getting tougher and tougher to justify. I’m a believer in AI and think it can be trained to analyze data files, yielding a very cost-effective form of coaching but with my current workflow of trying to match TR workouts to outside rides, it’s an imprecise art at best and seems to defeat the purpose.

Hoping for good news or at least a meaningful update beyond “we’re working on it and it’s our top priority.”

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What is your expectation of WLV2?

This has been mentioned in various places, but it occurs to me that even with WLV2, I don’t think AT will yet have the ability to “adapt” a workout to a different training zone, only change the next workouts within the same zone most appropriate to your PL.

I think that’s the end goal for TR, or assume so, but I don’t think that’s coming in this next stage from what’s been said.

I’m a stout TR advocate and am excited for V2 too. I think the potential is super, super high, but expectations for the next stage may not match reality.

So you want TR to push a major new feature out on a Friday before a holiday weekend? Makes sense lol


So the answer is No. No chance. Lol.

Or even New Year.

I did a TR workout outside today, “desperation”; no pun intended it’s an actual workout :joy: .
I think WLV2 will be good for people who do a few group rides everyweek.
You can still do TR workouts outside or even simple Z2 workouts. They only difference when WLV2 comes it will catch people cheating, who said they passed.

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I agree with you there. Catching the value of a workout where you were almost at target power, rather than at it, or where you went 1x120 SS instead of 5x20, will be very cool and useful too.

As highlighted in a great number of threads though. A lot of people doing a group ride expecting a VO2 9.0PL are going to be disappointed I think :sweat_smile:.


My inner tech support soul shudders at the very thought!


I do a lot of rides outdoors where I have a plan and try to focus on certain energy systems but also allow the terrain to dictate the length of an effort and the rest in between. Many of these rides are also in the 3-6hr range so they become difficult to associate with existing TR workouts. So to answer your question, I’d like for these rides to be analyzed and future sessions prescribed accordingly.

Xmas was a bit tongue-in-cheek but WL V2 has been the “top priority” for months and months. As we head into the New Year, I’m looking to clean house a bit and at this point, I was hoping for a meaningful update to better decide whether I hold onto my sub or not.

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Let’s be honest, think of this from a business pov

When does TR struggle with income? What’s the biggest competition for TR’s market? No, not Zwift, Summer, when people unsubscribe to ride outside.

What is WL V2? A way to keep people subscribed by punishing them by taking magical internet achievement points away from them if they don’t stay on the service paying money.

Even if WLV2 was ready now, why would they need to rush it? Everyone’s indoors right now in the northern hemisphere and that’s most of their income. Nobody is going to can their sub during base / build season because they don’t need WLV2 to progress. If nate isn’t a moron (and he appears not to be) he will be looking at the way other companies monetise fomo and regret (sure there’s a bullshit marketing nerd term) and trying to incorporate that to sure up the companies revenue stream.

Not everyone, but I do get your point.


Oh how I envy

I. Hate. You.

Warming up for Christmas here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I first joined Trainer Road, I just assumed outdoor rides were taken into consideration by the break down of time in each zone as shown in Analysis…but then realised it is calculated from the structured workout , I was at the time using third party workouts and having PL change accordingly so didn’t realise.

I would welcome contributions to PL from outside/unstructured rides, especially in the summer months! Especially if outside rides could be recommended based on progression etc…

But I’m sure it’s much harder to deliver on in reality, Garmin does it too a degree, but only really with 3 zones, I think Xert does it too in its own way…

I still remember a podcast earlier in the year where Nate was encouraging is to start recording HR data…could this be related?

… And here I am wishing for weather this “warm”