Any benefit in hybrid program?

Hi guys,

I’m at the end of SSBLV1 and pondering the idea of supplementing SSBLV2 with more volume taken from the LVTB. Is there any benefit to that kind of approach? I already started adding 15 minutes to workouts around 60% FTP. Did it after Tallac yesterday.

The rationale being that low volume plan is a little bit low on volume but mid volume SSB will definately bury me. Also one of the goal is weight management. I’m 63-64 kg depending on the day. And would like to go down to around 58-59kg. I know nutrition is key here, but added low ftp work can’t hurt either. Also I would like to add an endurance component to the sweet spot work I’m doing.

Also by looking at the comments people are making on the workouts it looks like theres something wrong. You guys seems to feel like long SS work like Eclipse and Tallac are challenging. To me they’re not. On good days I feel like I could do at least one or two more intervals. Same for O/U you guys seem to really suffer on these, I did Warlow after bumping my FTP 4 watts after a ramp test last week and while I was happy the last over of the last interval was finished it didn’t feel particularly challenging or diffcult and felt I could have done an other round. What give?

Is it my FTP that’s set too low, or just that I’m particularly good at that kind of effort?

Fine idea and many ways to do it. Adding to Low Volume is a common practice, so here are some active threads.

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Yes, it’s sounds like your FTP is too low.

Well I enter my recovery week so i’ll retest next week.

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Also be mindful if the ramp test gives you an accurate FTP. It does for most but not everyone. If workouts don’t feel how everyone’s else says they should, it could be a good indicator that your FTP is not accurate. Additionally, if the workout text doesn’t match your RPE, then it’s probably time to adjust the intensity.

If you’re doing over/unders and they are not challenging you both mentally and physically, then you’re likely doing under/unders and are missing the intended goal of the exercise. You must be your own coach and adjust workouts on your own or you’ll be missing out on fitness gains.