Another "Mix Long Rides into Plan" Question

Hey al, any help appreciated here.
I have two goals:

  1. Hang in group rides with guys who are much stronger than I am.
  2. Ride the Almanzo 100 Gravel ride May 18 (today is Apr 18).

I’ve been riding on and off the last three months and in the best bike shape I’ve ever been in. Completed SSB Mid Volume three weeks ago and have started SSB Mid #2. I traditionally have never ridden 45 miles at one time.

My weekends are too busy so my tough workouts are on Mon and Tues. Went out and rode 75 on Fri. Rested Sat and Sun. I tried a 1:30 over and under today/Mon and after about 45min. I’m not rested enough. How long do you guys rest after a big ride like that?

I feel as though I need to get in a couple more 75-80 rides to evaluate what condition I’m in before I attempt a 100mi gravel ride. Wondering if I should drop down to low volume SSB #2

In terms of rest after a big ride, it totally depends on the intensity and efforts during that ride as well as your age and what your days following the ride/race are. For a hard 3+ hour ride/race I’m generally cooked 1-2 days after assuming that I’ve recovered as usual, gotten decent sleep the days after. I’m never surprised if the next workout feels hard 2 days post. My first real season of riding would have me smoked 3-4 days post. The body adapts though as you build a higher baseline fitness.

I wouldn’t say that you need to get more 75-80 mile rides in before attempting a 100 mi race. It all depends on how you plan to ride Almanzo. There are plenty of folks that never do more than half the distance of an event and fair just fine if paced well.

If you’re planning on coming out and racing it hard, then it would probably be wise to do a few more simulation rides between now and then and also have a good easy week leading into the race. If your plan is to just ride Almanzo for the experience, then go easy and don’t cook yourself too early. Sure, there will be climbs that are so punchy that you’ll be at or above your FTP just to get up and over them, but for the most part it shouldn’t be too difficult of a ride.

I’ll be at Almanzo too. Riding the Dickie Scramble on April 27th as a warm up race/ride. You should do it as well if you can.

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Thanks for the advice! Yep - just going to enjoy and not to race. This is my first real season of training so thanks again for the advice. I’m checking at the Scramble as we speak.