In-ride entertainment ideas, viewing actual/iconic rides around the world

Hello, I am looking for some ideas on what to watch/distract me during rides.
My current set-up:
-Dumb trainer with power pedals (favero)
-I use my phone for TR and have a chromebook for media (netflix)
-I use a bluetooth speaker for audio either from my phone if I am streaming spotify or chromebook for netflix

I would like to avoid signing up and paying for a second service, especially since I am happy with the trainerroad workouts. I also suspect with my current setup I cannot “connect” to 2 separate services at the same time (which may also come with technology challenges? - not sure if you require a smart trainer plus a separate power meter for these use scenarios?).

I thought that viewing actual rides would be both a distraction and provide ideas on where to go one day for a bucket list bike trip.

Open to any other ideas and suggestions.
I am getting a little tired of watching shows and could use some variety and distraction over just listening to music (or listen to music while also watching a ride and using TR of course).
Thank you for any ideas and suggestions.

This might be for you! Endless ride footage, completely for free


Well I personally use Zwift to pass the time while using TR. This I found works best for me. However, NBC Sports Gold Is giving away free cycling pass at least in the US, and they have quite a few things to watch. I’ve also watched some of the live Zwift events as well. You could look at the Col Collective Pod Cast as well.

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