Android Tablet for TR


I am currently using a Wattbike and a old Samsung Tab tablet, I can only connect to the Wattbike and it doesn’t allow me to connect a heart rate monitor. It seems only one or the other and if both connect then part way through the ride one will disconnect.

Any suggestions on a newer android tablet that will be compatible, I’ve been recommend the new Samsung Tab however that is the best part of a £1000 which I don’t really want to spend when i’m just going to sit in the garage and stare at the blue bars on TR.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5"…

Cost me £189. Does the job just fine and survived a 10 foot drop on to a hard floor with only a dented corner to show for it. :muscle:

Another possibility is a Kindle side loaded with Android which is what I was doing before I decided I preferred the bigger screen.

The best android tablet is an iPad… :slight_smile:

(this is from an android hardcore user)


This. Not to go all Apple fanboy (I was hardcore Android up to 2020 until I switched to Apple) but it is kind of ridiculous how much better iPads are at being tablets than the rest of the market. I think the situation is more equitable when you talk about smartphones, I would have no problem recommending an Android phone. If you insist on finding an Android tablet then I would say a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Otherwise you can’t really go wrong with any of offerings of the iPad lineup depending on your price range.


I use a pixel 6 pro and a ipad…


I loved Pixel phones. Started with the two and upgraded every year up to the 5. Then I was getting jaded that the Pixel wasn’t “flagship-y” enough so I changed ships. The line definitely appears to have matured since I switched over.


I think this is the one I have also. Works fine. The only thing I don’t like about it is I can’t run an ant+ adapter to broadcast my Garmin watch heart rate to TR…

I also use my phone sometimes which is a pixel 6. Ant+ adapter works with that.

Are you using an old HRM? It may be cheaper to get a new HRM. Newer models like a Garmin HRM-Dual can support dual channel Bluetooth LE, meaning two devices can read the HR data from a single HRM

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I have a HRM tri from my old fenix 3, I may invest in one of the newer monitors that does ANT+ and bluetooth which will hopefully solve my issues

Good doorstop :metal:

The comment was made before the Google tablet. Now I would buy an Google tablet, if I didn’t had an ipad…