Android App - variable width vs. fixed width fonts for numbers

I got an app-update on my TrainerRoad app on my Android phone. The new version looks slick, the work-out finder filters are much better, and it looks overall better.

But my biggest gripe is that the number fonts are not fixed width anymore and all fields try to keep center-alignment, causing the fields to feel like they are moving all the time. They keep changing in location as the timer moves from anything with 0’s to anything with 1’s, etc. For example: if the time left in an interval is 2:20, and it moves to 2:19 in the next second, the entire timer field shifts to the left to accommodate the smaller font of the new “1”. It’s quite distracting and annoying. Or maybe that’s just me.

Would it be possible to revert the font back to the older one, or at least remove the “center-alignment”?

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