Desktop app update. Small text letters


I updated the desktop app today and got LITTLE small text letters?
Anyone else?
How to fix it?


Can you be more specific?

Screen shot would be really handy.

It was always at least 3-4times larger than that

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Yes, I noticed to this today also… Still see though…just about :wink:


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We are working on some options that will allow you to adjust workout text size, but it is not publicly available quite yet since we are still testing it. Strangely enough, it seems that the behind-the-scenes work we are doing has gotten your text stuck in small mode.

Would you mind reaching out to our Support Team so that we can look into this issue a little closer? We could use your help in figuring out this problem so that we can keep it from happening in the future.


Thx Bryce, but I dont get this follow up options. I can only turn on or off.

See my edited post:

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Thx! Already opened a request last Friday.

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Hope for a quick fix. On beta and running TR on a 12" laptop it’s hard to read, especially when doing hard workouts :slight_smile: only option is to turn it off.

For now, anyone experiencing this may want to use the production app until we are able to resolve this issue.

Please report any instances of this bug to our Support Team at, as that will help us nail down the problem. Currently, we are having a hard time reproducing the bug on our devices, and it seems to only affect a few users at the moment.


Hey everyone!

Our Development Team has manually enabled your ability to adjust workout text size, so if you log out and back into the Beta app, you should all be able to choose Small, Medium, or Large text size in your app settings :+1:.

If anyone is still having issues with this, please reach out to our Support Team at


For clarity, this is for the fully approved & released desktop version, not just the beta version?

Edited: This is only for the Beta App

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The old one is Medium or Large?

Medium :+1:

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I can’t be 100% sure, but my feeling is that the now called medium size is a little bit smaller than the old one. And the large is bigger. So I hope you guys can hit the sweet spot again! Please

Thanks for the update Bryce… I just checked the settings and it is on Medium… I agree though with binhopires that if medium was the default, then i’, pretty sure it is smaller now. Quite honestly though, I kinda prefer it as it is now. Let me know if there is anything you’d like me to do to try and help you understand what the root cause maybe?



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Is this supposed to have only happened on the beta app? Because to my knowledge I’ve never been on Beta… and it’s definitely happened to me. It’s not the end of the world, but to be honest it is meaning I’m probably missing 90% of the workout text now as I just don’t notice it in my peripheral vision.

I guess I could try and get onto the beta app so I can have access to the size options?

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My eyes have asked if there could be an option of a bigger font size for the instructional text / Chad’s comments ? They are 59 3/4 today and they don’t wear glasses when I’m on the trainer. The numbers are fine, but the text is a problem. Thank you !

Are you using a smartphone?