Android app min spec

Hiya, I have a very old android Asus TF201 and I think a 101 I am thinking that I can permenantly assign them to trainerroad and youtube duty in the PC and so I wanted to know if anyone is doing the same :slight_smile:

if three is a min spec for android tablets I would appreciate knowing where they are before splash out the 20 pounds on new batteries

This way anything remotely email/phone related can stay out the room whilst I grind away

well I can honestly say I am impressed, just powered on the old girl and it fired up straight away!

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I had problems with my Android 5 phone staying connected, and TR told me to get a new phone.

All my BT-only devices seem to have issues with more than 2 connections and I need 3–PM, Trainer, HRM, so I use a Galaxy S4 (ANT+) running a custom ROM because Samsung never made an Android 5.x ROM for the S4. That’s roughly the same era as the ASUS TF201.

Slow, but seems to run workouts fine. I sometimes get issues with incorrect TSS/kj numbers on screen when I extend cool down, but I’m convinced that’s something in the ROM. The app calculates the correct numbers on save, so it’s more a mild annoyance than anything. I need to try a different ROM to see if it solves the problem.

Hi All,

I just want to link to the TrainerRoad Minimum System Requirements (

Check that out if you have any questions about whether or not your machine is TR capable. Additionally, if you want to submit a support request to, explaining what device you are hoping to use, we would be happy to check that for you!