TR on mini TV box running android

Hi there,

Has anyone had any success running TR on android based mini TV boxes? There are many cheap options available online and I was wondering if these were capable of running TR or if the os tends to be a version limited to video playing apps. I have a spare TV for my training area, but no spare PC and the price seems right on those boxes.

Any experience or advice would be appreciated.


I tested it on a cheap one that my dad had laying about.

To say the experience was poor was an understatement! However this was not the fault of trainerroad but rather that the box was especially low specification. I also had to side load the play store as many of them will not come with play store and possibly even not a new enough android version to officially support trainerroad!

Thanks for your reply - Thats what I figured. I got a little exited because I have seen a bunch with android 7 for quite cheap. I guess for 30 bucks it might be worth the risk to check it out.

Nah. I can guarantee you arent going to get a decent one for $30. Thats the sort of price range the one I tested was in.

The official specs are that the android app runs on Android 5 and up I can almost guarantee that those cheap boxes wont have the oomph required.

Maybe someone with a chromecast could test if it’s possible to screen cast TR from a phone or tablet. That would probably be a better solution.

Alternatively I think some of the windows PC “keys” around the 150$ mark will do a better job of running the desktop client (though I havent tested that yet).

OK, that settles it. I’ll save my money - thanks!

If you are looking for a cheap tablet to run TR on - I’ve got it happily running on both a 10" and 8" Amazon Fire Tablet.

You have to install the google play store (which is documented well on the internet), but you don’t have to root the device and they are pretty cheap tablets (you can get the 7" one in the UK for £50).


If you mirror your phone as a cast to the chromecast you could open the trainerroad app on your phone and run it.

A different option would be to run trainerroad in Chrome and then cast that tab onto the chromecast. Not sure if mobile chrome browser would allow that but on Mac/pc it should