Andrew Huberman on breathing

Good points. Is Huberman a cyclist? I think I’ve seen him mentioned before but I’ve never listened to his podcast. I don’t think I could listen to this long of a talk on breathing.

I might check out the podcast with Andy Gelpin though…

I’ll drop this in here in case anyone needs it:

I used it after COVID19-Bronchitis-Sinusitis last year to clear out my respiratory system and rebuild some diaphragm endurance/lung capacity. It worked very well for getting me from that poor state back to normal again.

However, from what I’ve heard on Fast Talk and elsewhere when I was researching it; if your lungs are already healthy, this probably isn’t going to move the needle much as an athlete.

It did get me breathing better when things heated up on group rides, though. Better for me, as in, calming down mentally, breathing deep into my belly, and loosening my upper torso up. All to a certain degree but definitely helpful.

Runners and martial artists have been straw breathing for a long time for all these reasons, apparently.


@Dknight212 I have this podcast downloaded and que’d up. Before you recommended it! I am definitely interested. Huberman is awesome too. Talk about DEEP Dives! LOL! His hot and cold therapy pods are also really interesting. I haven’t listened to this one yet but based on my interest at least… I want to let you know that I think it was a solid recommendation.

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Not to be glib, but if you want to hang out with people who don’t overthink things you might want to find a different hobby - cyclists are nuts as a general rule

Oh, nevermind, I see we know the same people :rofl:

On this topic - I do not know the science behind it at all, but by simply applying mental focus to my breathing and patterns I can (usually) extend my time at VO2 or lower my HR in endurance. I’m not sure if its mental or physical, so :person_shrugging: