Anaerobic vs. Sprint Zones

I’m in General Build now and I’ve got Spanish Needle -3 on deck for tomorrow. I’ve done it before and was able to complete it without too much difficulty. So I was going to increase the difficulty to Spanish Needle. The only difference is the work intervals are at 140% and 150%. The -3 workout says the goal zone it is targeting is Anaerobic while regular Spanish Needle describes the zone as Sprint. Other than 10% what are the differences between Anaerobic and Sprint? Aren’t Sprints Anaerobic?

“Sprint” isn’t a zone.

@splash It is when you look at the workout description in TR for Spanish Needle…that’s why I’m asking

I believe it’s the Z6 / Z7 anaerobic/neuromuscular distinction.

In the context of TR workouts it’s just a way to sort through them when scanning the library.

With regards to Spanish Needle specifically, if you can handle the +0 version, by all means go for it.

It’s just for TR classification, when you search for it etc. None of the zone models have a zone called “sprint”.