New to sprint training

Just going to incorporate sprint interval once a week as it’s something I just haven’t done. I have been doing 3 min vo2 stuff, threshold etc. Have a decent base and would like to see if doing anerobic/ sprints once a week will benefit. What type of workout should I start doing for example 30/30 , 60/60:etc. Going to be doing them outside so probably be better doing something full effort to stop me having to look at power figures while doing them. And does it matter if seated or standing?

I recently posed this question, too. First thing, don’t confuse ‘anaerobic’ with ‘sprint/neuromuscular’ - they are different. Anaerobic is still about developing your endurance capabilities & high end power; ~150% FTP. Neuromuscular/sprint work is focused on muscle development and recruitment; ~200%+ FTP (mostly power and HR are ignored and you just go truly all-out).

AN duration is short, ~30s, but NM is even shorter, ~5-10s. This also has to do with the types of energy your body uses in each kind of effort.

Figure out what system you’re trying to fire up — AN or NM — and go from there. I’ll be doing the same in a couple of weeks. :+1:

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Both of these will be new to my training so with a long distance interest I’m not sure. I just wanted to try something different to my training for a few months to see would it work for. No plans this year I don’t so just testing a few things out. Maybe anaerobic would make more sense for me.

Test out both! :+1: :zap:

I’ll be doing some NM work (after a long layoff) just to get the legs “online” w/ lots of muscle recruitment and activation. Perhaps a course of action for you would be a few NM session first and then into AN workouts.

From some rando website:

Anaerobic Capacity

Anaerobic capacity training consists of short but very high intensity intervals that are less than 3 minutes in duration. This is where the heart rate monitor will stop being useful as it simply can’t keep up. Zone 6 is mainly for athletes doing road races with small steep climbs and criterium racing where small bursts of power are necessary.

Neuromuscular Power

Zone 7 is also known as the sprinting zone. This is where you train your neuromuscular system to fire off those muscle fibres at a faster rate. To put it simply; this is where you go as hard as you can for a just a few seconds at a time like jumps or standing starts. You will most likely not do a lot of neuromuscular training, as it’s generally reserved for track sprinters who needs to put out insane amounts of watts for 10 seconds or less.

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