Anaerobic levels after FTP Test

Hi there,

Two days ago I did a ramp test but I included a different warmup protocol before the ramp as it work better for me. As not being the standard Ramp Test my career levels, mainly the anaerobic, raised a lot because of the 1 min intervals above threshold during the ramp. Please see the image. I dont remember if this also happen when doing the standard ramp test so I would like to know if this is normal.



Hey @LukaVDP!

Congrats on completing a Ramp Test!

Because this was not a standard Ramp Test taken from the TR Workout Library, and rather what seems to be a custom workout created with the Workout Creator, the Workout Level attached to it does not follow the same logic as the workouts from the TR Library, and this skews your Progression Levels.

What you’ll want to do in this case scenario is to exclude this workout from your PLs and AI FTP Detection, and everything should rest to normal. See image:

When you encounter time-sensitive/specific account inquiries like this, I recommend you contact so they can get back to you quicker! :slight_smile:


Actually I was also looking for this information some times before but failed to search such info on page. : no information about exclusion … no … no

I expected those three docs have relevant info but no. I thinks this answer should be in your support page.


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Yes! I agree @wildone. I’ll send the request over to our team :slight_smile: Thank you!

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