Ramp test again or not

I just started with trainerroad ,when i took my 1st ramp test i had a technical issue so i did it again straight away.It gave me a score of 1 on all my progression levels i think because it was a big jump in ftp.
I am now 3 weeks into my program and i just chose 4 or 5 difficulty to start with for sweetspot and threshold.i have done the a.i detection which worked well but the level 1 stayed the same.i am not sure if i am at the right difficulty.
Should i resit the ramp or carry on.thanks in advance

No, never again. Not with AI FTP.


You have not done any vo2, anaerobic, or sprint workouts. That is why they are still 1.0 at this time. The levels only go up when you do a workout in the specific zone at this time.

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PL’s relative to FTP’s will only ever decrease given a rise in FTP and 1.0 is as low as they go, so doing a new Ramp/FTP test won’t do a thing to a PL that’s already 1.0 Edit: as @Buckethead says the only way you’ll raise them is doing a workout in that zone.

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So does everyone new start at 1 after there 1st ftp test?the workouts felt to easy until i did strech or breakthrough and my ramp test was within 5 watts according to ai ftp

I honestly don’t remember. But probably and then AT serves up workouts in the 1-3 range to start I’d guess. Here are mine midway through SSB1 - same 1 PL levels. Looking back at last year SSB2 started me with a PL 2.3 vo2 and ramped up pretty quick based on survey responses.

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