Another powermatch query

Hi guys,

I have been using TR for about 3 months now, and when I started, I ‘thought’ that my Kickr and Assiomas were not matching, and if I did not use powermatch, and say I did a 150 watt interval, my pedals would show about 10 watts less. So, I have been using powermatch.

Today I did a Bigring ride. I had my elemnt connected only to my pedals, and the Bigring app only to my Kickr. Over the entire ride, as well as in all laps that I created, the readings were spot on. Within a watt here or there.

Any idea what’s happening?

What made you think that the Kickr and the Assiomas were 10W off? There is nothing preventing them from showing nearly identical power readings, that is the goal, after all! If anything, the pedals (in theory) should read slightly higher due to lack of drivetrain loss. When was the last time you did a spin-down on the Kickr?

Do you calibrate each one frequently?

I use Garmin Vector pedals (the original ones) with a Kickr. But in the Wahoo app I turned on ‘Control w/ANT+ Power Meter’. Now no need to calibrate the Kickr. But I do calibrate the pedals before every ride.

Like I said, when I started TR, I had my headunit connected to pedals, and TR connected to the Kickr as both trainer as well as power source. So, when tTR showed say 150 watts, my assiomas showed 140. Hence I turned on powermatch.

Pedals every ride. Kickr about once in a week, which is once in about 4 rides.

You didn’t say that, but I assumed that’s what you had done. It’s really hard to compare power sources by simultaneously looking at two different displays, because the power meters are not sampling at the same time and you are not able to put out constant power. Likely any changes between then and now are caused by Kickr calibration differences, different temperatures, etc. Didn’t you also get a bunch of beta FW versions from Favero? Which version are you using now compared to when you first got them?

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