Alternate plans due to weather

There is a storm heading to Florida.
I want to have an alt plan in case i cant run during the weekend.

I have a 1hr run Sunday (the day we should be feeling the storm)
Should i just find a bike wo with the same TSS and hit that?

come on its just a bit of wind and rain - get out there!

just kidding - stay safe - definitely replace with a ride if you don’t have a treadmill. I don’t think the TSS works like that (run to bike comparison) - based on your plan this week I would find a bike ride that fits in with what other rides are scheduled (likely endurance)

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Its a base run… so nothing fancy… Hopefully it slowdown and i can hit the run early on

perfect - yeah I would do an hour SS or Endurance ride to replace the run - you already are a good runner - even if you missed the run (no biggie in the big picture) - do a ride or skip it entirely and focus on recovery for quality workouts coming up next

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Yeah an endurance ride would be my choice. Hits the same systems, and you’ll get some extra volume on the bike without impacting the following workouts too much. Plus it’s a great chance for some rainy day Netflix!

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