Fellow asthmatics/EIA

Just real quick: diagnosed with exercise induced asthma about a year and a half ago. I have my rescue inhaler I use twice before hard training efforts and races. Well, last summer I got pretty sick - as in, I couldn’t breathe, hard to sleep without coughing for hours. Doc gives me some prednisone. Life is good. Got sick again. Gave me a QVAR inhaler. Been using that pretty religiously and the rescue.
I’m doing mitchell right now and for the life of me cannot breathe towards the end of these intervals. I actually stopped after my third set to type this up. I even took some nasal spray to help, but not sure if that’s working. It’s never been this bad.
Is there anything else I can look into? I’ve heard going to a chiro can help with this and sometimes make the symptoms go away.
some other details: 37, pretty fit, racing mtb/cx/road for a while, lactate hearth rate according to training peaks is like 187.
Also sometimes during a race, if I put my nose in the wind it is so hard to breathe, like I’m suffocating. This is new. I can’t put the fan in my face. It’s too much.
Anyone else with this or is this normal?

Bro that sucks
You could have added this to the other Asthma thread, would be easier for folks to chime in… :call_me_hand:
Seek a second opinion, maybe a doc that has a specialty in EIA or maybe at least is an endurance athlete of sorts. This may be hard to find but you get my flow.
Try a chiro, I go weekly just cuz I could and being stuck on the trainer causes me to have knee imbalances.

Wondering what training plan you’re on and racing you’re targeting…
Also I don’t put a fan in front of my face either because of similar issues.
But no I don’t experience these same symptoms :confused:

Ahh didn’t see that. Maybe I’ll copy and paste this to it and see if I get a better response. Thank you.
V02 wasn’t an issue earlier this year or even last week. I can usually get through it and during a race I ‘forget about it’
I’m doing a mini short power block before crit. My peaks this year will be around Tulsa tough and master nats/Littleton twilight and riding that to gateway cup.
Maybe I’m coming down w something. Tough to say.
Thanks again

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