AI Training - Will it work?

Although the TR charts only really show training distribution, would be interesting what other data they’re collecting . E.g. Garmin is tracking my sleep, resting HR, all day HR, recovery status (based on HRV), my weight via smart scales, etc. Garmin in turn also syncs with MyFitnessPal so if I was bothering to keep a food log that would be sitting in the Garmin database as well. I’ve authorised TR to sync with Garmin, and the TR blurb relating to that sync states that:

By connecting with TrainerRoad, you agree to share information from your Garmin Connect account to enhance your experience with TrainerRoad. This may include activities, location, heart rate and related metrics, calories burned and other health or personal data.

Have to assume therefore that TR has access to some or all of that other Garmin data beyond just ride data.

So of your 4 factors I reckon there’s a good chance TR already have a good data set for the first 3. And goals would be simple enough to add in. Or even just keep it simple and make raising 20 minute power (or ramp test power since it has more of an anaerobic component) the goal for everybody on the basis that it’s the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Plus I left out other sources of “training stress” that don’t get recorded / factories in.

For example for me, I signed up for the Get to Sesame Street 500 mile challenge, so I’m tracking miles I’m walking by walking my dogs, and so far this year I’m just shy (149 miles) of the 150 mile mark. This is purely the normal walks that my dogs get - I’m finally tracking because of the Get to Sesame Street Challenge. Without this challenge, I wouldn’t have any idea of how many miles I actually walk per month. My guesstimate was closer to 40 - 50 miles / month, instead of the almost 100 miles / month I actually walk.

I’ve never used it and no connection to it so just as a FYI…here is a training app for running, cycling and triathlon using machine learning:

Some interesting points from the FAQ

How well can AI Endurance predict performance?

We can predict your future performance at about 5% if you have at least 100 runs with GPS data or rides with power data.

How often do you train the AI?

With AI Endurance every user gets their own ‘digital twin’ - a machine learning model that represents all the possible ways you would respond to different training routines. The model is updated every 24 hours for every user taking into account each new activity you have uploaded via Garmin or Strava.

What about heart rate?

We use your heart rate data to gauge your performance. For instance, if you were able to run 5 min/km or at 200 W for an hour at a significantly lower heart rate than last week, the AI notices this as an improvement in your performance. However, generally heart rate is a much worse predictor for performance than power and GAP.

That’s what I love about the AI, ML, Deep Learning stuff lately. Tons of fancy buzzwords for task we can solve already.
If you give me 100 rides/runs with power I can certainly predict your performance with a calculator. No need for any AI wizardry.