AI increased my FTP but my career shows 9.1 and 9.3

I usually do stretch workouts

AI increased my FTP and lowered my career scores but not by much

Tempo and Sweetspot are 9.3 and 9.2 respectively

Which means high end productive are over 10 let alone stretch workouts

Any suggestions?

Or just keep going 11 + workouts and hope the AI increases FTP again next month

I’d suggest checking in with TrainerRoad support if you haven’t done so already. Seems worthy of review.

Ok will do

Much appreciated

Could you please let me know how to so that?

Email is the easy way i use.


Thank you I want ahead and emailed they replied right away,

But to me it doesn’t help any because my very first workout after the AI increase my FTP I successfully did Marcus Baker, which is it rated 11.8 but of course it only shows as a 10 for my career.

Next sweet spot work out in a couple days is Pendleton, which is 12.9 which even if I successfully completed as you know, I will only show up as a 10.

Definitely disappointing to be only three days after an AIFTP detection and I’m well above the 10 for SS and possibly tempo

I agree there’s something wrong with the software.

This is what CustomerService told me below

Our Progression Levels in your Career page will max out at Level 10. So, while some workouts may be higher, your Progression Level will not go higher than 10. With that being said, reaching a level 10 in any of your Progression Levels is a strong indication that you’ve improved your FTP. That said, you can continue with your stretch/productive levels, but please be aware that the progression level will not go over 10.

What usually happens when FTP increases is that the Workout Levels you were completing at your prior FTP may be too challenging at your increased FTP. By reducing the Progression Levels, and in turn, upcoming Workout Levels, we can offset the FTP increase and serve you the right workouts for your current capabilities. This keeps your training on track and ramps up the difficulty of your workouts at a sustainable rate.

Do a level 10 threshold, after (if) you crush it just manually increase your FTP

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Yeah, once you hit PL 10 workouts in middle of block, AT can’t help you any more.

You have now 2 options:

  1. select harder workouts from More Sweet Spot! team library (esp 1x120min+ interval workouts)
  2. replace with sub-threshold workouts from threshold workouts library (long intervals at 96%+ of FTP, a la Bibb, Baba, Velika, etc)

I was in similar position last autumn. Those workouts kept me busy for 2 months :slight_smile:

Or alternatively, you can do VO2max intensive block to raise the ceiling.

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