AI FTP vs TP recommend FTP

Recently raced the Huffmaster hopper & received a Threshold notification from Training peaks. The next day I used the AI FTP on TR & that calculated my FTP approx 2% less. Anyone else have a similar scenario? Which FTP # did you use?

The answer is… always the lowest unless it is totally wrong.

An FTP too high can mess up training, a touch too low and it doesn’t matter.


2% doesn’t seem that much of a difference. Pick one that feels more correct.

Or this.


Yeah, I agree 2% is nothing, in fact that is pretty much the tolerance of a power meter.

Still… safe than sorry, the lower in this case.

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The first question I would ask is how representative you think this race was with respect to an “FTP-like” effort? Was it full up super short and sharp efforts or more steady state efforts around FTP?

I have no idea what TP is using to base it’s calculation on, but at least a basic review of your race effort may shed light on the relevance of the estimated value.

All that said, 2% is tolerance range of power device, not to mention the variability we have as humans from day to day. So not likely to be a make or break choice either way. If you feel that one or the other makes more sense, use that one.


Not when you’re on a group ride!

As others have said, keep it a touch low. The place where this becomes important is being too high can turn sweetspot into threshold, threshold into VO2, and over/unders into absolute hell.

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Err, aren’t you saying what I am?

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