AI FTP ramp test replacement

With AI FTP in place, how are you all replacing the ramp test?

Some have suggested just replacing it with train now, but the suggestions don’t seem to follow original plan’s ATL and CTL ramp rates; you’d have to pick something either real short or low intensity.

Have a look at some of the other threads on the subject, when you use it the system should automatically adapt your plan (automatically replace the ramp test). If you don’t accept the AI FTP detection whilst its supposed to adapt automatically too, there was a bug though which may or may not have been overcome.

Anything more specific?

Quick evaluation of the plans seem to suggest Coach Chad slaved over them to specifically follow a CTL ramp periodization model, subbing in an hour of sweet spot or threshold more than doubles the TSS for the day and will push week 1 above weeks 2 and maybe even 3?

Judging by what’s suggested, TrainNow seems to only look at prior training stress and not how it fits into the overall training model?

The specific thing is to not to worry about it, plan builder will swap in what it considers is the best for you.

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  • Keep in mind that the Ramp Test is really low TSS generally speaking and not something I’d pin the weekly expectation on. Whatever TR swaps in will be more TSS for sure as a result and I don’t consider that “bad”.

  • Even in the possible case it might exceed the current planned progression for wk2/3, it is unlikely to be significant enough of a difference to sway your training direction. I’d suggest not getting lost in the trees splitting hairs on small TSS delta’s over time.

  • Also consider the very likely case that your pending workouts will likely be adapted to other PL’s via the AT process. As a result, it’s also likely that your pending TSS trend will shift a bit over time. TR & AT are aiming for some level of progression, but it’s also dynamic and may increase/decrease PL/TSS as you go vs sticking to hard values like they did with the fixed plans in the past.

  • Edit for reference: Check out the TSS for the other FTP tests. These exceed the Ramp by a TON, and also exceed the 60-ish TSS SS/Thresh replacement you mention. Perhaps TR would alter the pending workouts in that week if they still favored these tests, but I just don’t see this a some sort of deal breaker.

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  • Correct, TrainNow is about “training now”. It does nothing to look forward towards any workouts, rides or races on your calendar. It only looks back at recent training and attempts to give you potential workouts that will be appropriate (not too hard or easy) based upon that recent history.

  • It’s not the right tool for a Ramp replacement, so I’d suggest following the applied one on the calendar as a default.

  • If you really don’t like the replacement that TR gives, I’d open it and use the Alternates function to change to a workout you prefer. That is a better way to tweak instead of TrainNow, because Alternates at least stick to the general goal and training zone, even if you choose an easier / shorter option.


classic 2x20 threshold to confirm the value would be my choice

On behalf of all the folks who think AI FTP detection may be too high…


Shouldnt it quickly self correct if that is the case if you fail? To ke it would seem it would be better to know than not

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Just meant it as a joke…but you’re not wrong.

Thanks for the detail Chad.

I also just realized the TrainNow and suggested replacement are separate mechanisms as well, so I will see how they differ as they come up.

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