FTP Bump or levels progression?

Hi All - I’m putting this up for all the people here that are way smarter than me,

I’m finishing a base block (and hopefully getting over a bronch infection as well) this week and I’m the bike-leg for a 70.3 triathlon relay team with the race in 8 weeks.

Do I go with the ( assuming higher) AI FTP and move forward with the Build Block or do I keep my FTP where it is and push my progression levels higher?

I wont know my new predicted FTP for another day or 2 so I have some time to decide the plan.

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If iit’s 10 watts or more I’d take the bump, otherwise don’t.



My feeling after a year of taking every bump, is that my PLs have been kept low and I feel like I’ve constantly missed out on interval length/TTE as a result.

But I guess it depends on your priorities


Assuming if 70.3 is in 8 weeks and Build block is up next then you’ve got no Specialty phase? In that case would be a bit more inclined to stick with existing FTP and push the PLs. As if doing Speciality block that’s where TR keeps your FTP stable (unless there’s been a big jump) and works on specificity for your A event instead, which for you would be a lot of Tempo/Sweetspot work with longer intervals.

Yeah, the way plan builder set it up specialty phase begins the Monday before the race so it’s really an 7 week build and specialty/race week. :man_shrugging:t2:

With 6-7 weeks before taper, I’d be focusing on extending TTE at Tempo / Sweet Spot, not bumping FTP.


Hey @dlukes01,

The debate on accepting FTP increases vs building Progression Levels has been discussed on here a bunch of times in the past, and all of us at TR usually recommend the same thing in this situation.

We built out a feature that gives an “FTP Adjustment” (small 2% change in FTP) when training in Specialty phases rather than using AI FTP Detection to generate a brand new FTP with the goal of minimizing large jumps in FTP in order to continue climbing up to higher-level workouts.

This only happens if you successfully complete a level 9.0 workout in the Sweet Spot, Threshold, VO2 Max, or Anaerobic Zones, OR if you fail a level 2.0 workout and your Post-Workout survey response for that session is marked as “too intense” or “training fatigue” and you are in the Speciality phase. You can read more about FTP Adjustments vs. FTP Detections in the link below.

Again, this type of behavior is typically best kept in Specialty phases as that’s where you’re building fitness specificity for your target event. Your case is a bit strange though since you’re A). coming off of a respiratory infection and B). don’t have much of a Specialty phase in place.

What might be the best option here is to rebuild your plan with the same start date as you originally did to try and get Plan Builder to put a Specialty phase in place before your event. This will help with the issue we’re discussing, but will also build out a taper before your race.

I’d be happy to help work on this for you if you’d like – just say the word! :man_factory_worker:


I definitely favor progressions over ftp bumps. longer intervals and less concern over “over-inflated” ftps.


I’m 4 watts away from 4 w/kg.
That will be my last FTP increase I’ll accept for a while, afterward I’ll focus on building a reliable TTE.

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I would say, if you have to ask then you should just follow the program and accept what it gives you.