AI FTP detection logging

Is there a way to have TR record the AI FTP detection number without accepting it? I like to train a lower FTP than AI FTP detection supplies - because AI FTP detection is predicting a ramp test result and I’m one of those who ramp test above my sustained abilities. If I accept the detection to get it to log and then reduce my FTP, AT messes with my PLs because I “lowered” my FTP (even though I just put myself back where I was a minute ago). How about a “Log but do not accept” button?

Excel :wink:


Sure, he can do that, use annotations in the TR calendar (like I do currently), or any other tracking options that exist outside of TR.

But this is post is specifically an Enhancement Request. It’s something he would like to see directly integrated (via user selected option) that would eliminate the need for hacks like Excel or my TR calendar notes.

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WKO5 “Other Threshold Power”? Tongue firmly in check.

It would be great to have this, plus the ability to run AI FTP detection on historical data, with a detection shown every 4 weeks.

Having automatically generated annotations that mark FTP changes is a cool idea. We actually have something in the works that, I think, might help. I will also mention that you’d like the option to run this historically.

Because this has the potential to confuse many athletes, we are unlikely to do this. Check out my response here.

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Thanks for your response Sarah. I understand your/TR’s reasoning behind this.

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