AI FTP Detection & inaccurate Strava power data import

I have always had a problem with Strava underreporting power for outdoor rides. I use a wahoo ELEMNT bolt v1 and a Quarq D-four power meter, training peaks and the ELEMNT app have always aligned but Strava has always been 10-20 watts off the average and sometimes up to 200 watts off peak power.

But I don’t rate Strava so it has only become an issue now that I am trying to use the AI FTP detection function and with my current set up Strava is the only way to upload outdoor ride data to Trainerroad, and I am doing all of my training outdoors at the moment.

Is there a work around for this to ensure accurate data is transferred over?

Likewise is there a simple equipment change that will negate this calculation error by strava?

I’d contact support.

Assuming that the data that comes across is the same within the file, does TR show the numbers that Strava shows or the Quarq.

Sounds like something to do with resolution and how they sample and calculate the data. I am pretty sure they still process the whole file at TR but I could be wrong. Support will have a better answer

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TR shows the same numbers as Strava, which is 10-20 watts below the Quarq data.

I will send support a message thanks

Avg is different because some respecting the pauses and some not…