Agro Dogs: Ultrasonic Deterrent? - Experiences / Reviews?

I saw a video of a guy using an ultrasonic device on his bike. The vid showed many dogs on his ride running up, barking aggressively and chasing, and then ran away immediately when he turned it on. It worked amazingly well!! But unsure if the vid is legit, or perhaps there’s something going on in the background. Also can’t find any info on the device from the vid. Just posted as an ‘Interesting Video’ online.

Does anyone have experience with one of these?

You obviously need a button to turn push for it to go off; zero interest in one that just stays on.

Disclaimer: I grew up w dogs and see them as core family members, I love them to my core. I’ve also been attacked viciously by a dog twice, and barely escaped. Had to get the police involved once. I won’t take a bite over doing what’s necessary to avoid it. Trying to find the least unpleasant way, to the dog, to accomplish that. I currently carry dog spray, but hate the idea of ever having to use it, and in fact seriously fear that I would hesitate too much, and end up bitten. Ultrasonic would be so much more passive, and could deter the dog at longer range, without any harm.

Thanks in advance.


Never tried one but having 2 encounters on my last long ride I’m tempted. I see many reviews on YouTube and think the device does work. However in attack mode dogs will ignore a lot of pain. Hoping someone will chime in that has used one on the bike.

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@TrekCentury Were you able to find a link to one of the devices? Info or to buy?

Very Very Interested :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

Man you’re nicer than me…if a dog is trying to bite me…my goal would be to put it into the ground. Safer for me, safer for the next 3 yr old it tries to eat. I get the idea of a pet being a family member…but if someones human brother or sister is trying to kill me…unpleasantness doesnt really enter into the equation. Dogs shouldnt be allowed to just threaten life with impunity…

Edit:…just so people don’t misinterpret this as me being some monster looking for a fight with dogs…my response when being chased by dogs is to just ride faster lol. I also typically make sure I’m out of leash range of any dogs being walked on sidewalks to make sure I don’t get into these situations where it even becomes an issue.

I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered an “attack” dog on a ride. However, I am the owner of a “guard” dog — and those are two very different things.

However, if you are dealing with a dog that is not specifically trained to attack — and is doing so under command — grabbing your bottle and giving it a good squirt in the face is an amazingly effective deterrent.

Don’t mistake your run-of-the-mill farm dog with a K9 trained type of dog.

Yeah I’ve always used the water bottle. That and yelling “NO!!!” in the loudest/most commanding voice I can muster. N=1 but they’ve always stopped with those two things.

I know y’all will be further convinced that I’m a hopeless hack… but when a dog starts to chase me (and my riding mates can confirm this odd trick of mine), I basically scream the command:

“Get off the couch!”

So help me God, it works every time. Seriously, have you ever seen your dog on the couch when you come home or enter a room when the dog didn’t expect you? You probably bark that command, and voila! the dog knows they’ve done something wrong and freezes in their tracks (and gets off the couch).

Try it.


Sheepdogs are a different breed, literally and figuratively.

Sprint training for me mostly but yeah no fun at the end of the ride,…
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My father was a Vet and I grew working in his office handling all sorts of dogs, including very nasty ones. Dogs have a prey instinct and even dogs that otherwise are friendly will chase a moving bicycle. What I’ve found is that if I growl at a dog, it often will stop, perk up its ears, and look at me inquisitively. If that doesn’t work, the water bottle often will.

This is just one of them. Not an on bike but a demo by a third party.


Sunday I had one chase me between 2 cattle guards about 200 yards apart. I’m sure the big white Great Pyrenees was protecting his flock.
The owner was out in front of their farm house yelling but the dog had other objectives. My Aussie barks at my friend in his chair in the park. I don’t think he associates that as a bike even though it has cranks.

I bark at all dogs that bark at me, and 60-70% of the time they pause as if surprised. The get off the couch is my favorite suggestion so far though. Dogs tend to respond well to confident assertions too, so if you can do something so you aren’t scared of them that seems to help too.
I also chase rabbits and squirrels, so I may not be the best person to listen to if dogs and other animals concern you

I also read the thread title as “aero dogs” and now want to talk about those