Aggressive Racing, Sprint Power, Over-Unders and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 297

Can you touch on training to sprint at the end of a very long day ie Lotoja?

“That’s just like your opinion, man.” (Big Lebowski) Good one, @Jonathan @IvyAudrain Ivy was the only one who smiled at that comment (as did I.) Very funny!


“Calmer than you are” :sunglasses: :v:


Replay is live about aggressive racing! (bumping/contact). Here’s the timestamp: ‘26:07’ :+1:


Thanks for the sprint coverage! Like Nate my standing sprint is only about 100W higher than seated sprint and both are north of 1000W so its literally the only above average aspect of my cycling performance :joy: Of course I’m doing regular sprint training, and have cycled thru different technique drills. What appears to be slowly moving the needle for me is what @IvyAudrain described - rising out of the saddle into an aggressive forward position. And somewhat counterintuitively I’m working on improving that by doing standing intervals during zone2/3 rides except here the goal is to stand without a change in power. Right now 90% of the time when I stand my power jumps from zone2 to >FTP. My (current) hope :crossed_fingers: is that improving coordination on the easy stuff will improve overall neuromuscular response when it is go time. There are so many things that have to quickly come together in that short span of time!!!


Here is the clip referenced in the question about aggressive racing.


I’ve got a Kickr mounted on InsideRide and only doing the standing sprints outside.

@iamholland, I may be able to help with the rocker use. Depends on which one you have and if there are adjustments possible for the leveling spring force.

I’m happy to see if I can give you some info or things to try. Feel free to private message or we can move to a separate thread.


This has been on my mind for a while now, and this episode was finally enough of a push for this post:

You all are taking an increasingly long time to get to the meat of show. You took nearly 15 minutes to get to the first question this episode. Figure out a way to streamline your business needs a bit.

We all know you are hiring. We all know you have beta apps in the works. I’m of the opinion that we don’t need to hear about it for 15 minutes.


Very useful summary on giving/receiving feedback by @Nate_Pearson



I believe it is in this section.

  • How to deal with overly competitive friends 58:45

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My reply was simply looking at your comment, thinking you were looking for the podcast content applauded by @turmukhambetov:

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