Aero Winter Kit

What are your favourite jerseys/jackets/bib tights that are warm enough for a UK winter but also pretty aerodynamic?

Also, what non-bulky winter gloves that actually keep your hands warm and dry do people use?


Rapha Pro Team winter kit.

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Whilst I’ve not go much to add on the kit front, I couldn’t help but comment on the irony that this post has been submitted during the middle of August; the height of the UK’s (supposed) summer…

My top UK picks for Autumn/Winter are…

shakedry c7
endura primaloft gilet
dhb aeron lab - LS jersey and jackets are very fitted and functional

Highly dependant on where in the UK you live.

I’m central scotland and I use sportful winter tights (the name escapes me atm…) and a Castelli Alpha Jersey w/ long sleeved merino base for anything down to about +3/4C.
+3C or less I use the Alpha Jacket (have used this down to -8 with just a merino base and still been cosy.

In terms of gloves I use GripGrab lobster style gloves and add in a thin pair of liners if the temperatures drop too far below freezing (again wore these on the same -8 day as the alpha jacket and had zero issues). These gloves also keep me comfortable in the rain and snow, but I haven’t tried them in the rain when it’s dipping below freezing for somewhat obvious reasons.

OH! and overshoes are the Endura Deep Winter ones - again the proper name escapes me but these have done well me for years and were a god send. Warm feet in the rain is ideal.

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Anything and everything from spatz, look past the funny name and some of the unusual looking garments…they are utterly fantastic and change the game.

When I want to go aero winter jacket wise my Gabba, a lighter but long sleeved Castelli jacket or my lecol jacket (I forget the model) are my default pieces of kit. Until I put a hole in it I liked my Endura FS260 softshell too. I think a Castelli Perfecto would be similar/ better than all these. Anything else is a little too baggy on me.
If temperatures though are below 0deg, I tend to care less about aero however and wear more base/ thicker gloves (maybe lobster and/or undergloves), and gilet/jacket (wind/ waterproof) on top.
I’ll cycle on well gritted roads below that (in temps to circa -6) but round here where its relatively mild though and the roads ungritted I hardly ever cycle outdoors below 0 anyway, with the invention of smart trainers. After chemotherapy a few years ago which left me susceptible to the cold for a while I hardly went out when it was below 0 either.

My go to gloves for winter though are Endura Strike with perhaps undergloves (winter running gloves).

MAAP evade pro or training jersey long sleeve with a long sleeve base underneath. Plenty warm once you get going. Strava coupons are out there as well.

Sportful Fiandre Pro jacket - for windy but not super cold
Castelli Alpha ROS for the cold days - simply THE best jacket I’ve had, and I’ve had LOADS!
Le Col Pro long bibs
Castelli Sorpasso WS longs for the coldest days
Gore Shakedry

I tend to use various combos of baselayers depending on wind and temps. The Alpha ROS is awesome into subzero as its totally windproof but as I’ve got older I need more layers underneath when the temps plummet. I have even started adding summer mesh baselayers when its really cold.

Short sleeved Gabba with nanoflex arm warmers is all you’ll need for Oct to Mar!!

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I use Assos winter kit with Dissent133 gloves.
Also in the UK and although it’s stupidly expensive it is excellent for our stupidly changeable climate.

Personal preference is the Bonka Evo bibtights, Equipe RS Evo jacket (warm-ish), Spring/Fall base later or the frustratingly brilliant Equipe RS winter jacket (it’s unbelievably good, but amazingly expensive!)

I’m a fan of Castelli Sanremo ROS Thermosuit. Paired with castelli flanders base layer, good enough for temperatures around 0 degrees C.

Some good suggestions here for my Winter 2021/2 kit purchase. I am based in Ireland where the weather is similar to the UK, maybe a bit wetter all year round.

Wanted to recommend these:
They got me through all last winter on even the coldest and dampest of days with a pair of merino liners underneath them (dhb liners from wiggle do the trick). One of the best pieces of cycling kit I’ve ever bought. I used to wear winter-specific ones from Decathlon but they did not keep out the wind chill. These do. Their profile is low and the cuffs nice and tight too so they are aero.

I looked at buying the dissent 133 glove set but figured I could build my own for less than the cost of the full set.

Thanks everyone. Lots of great recommendations here