Recommend me a hardshell winter jacket (UK)

Can anyone recommend a hardshell rain jacket for winter riding that costs under £100.

I can’t find anything remotely cheap that isn’t a very thin rain cape. Just looking for something that will keep me warm and dry in tipping rain. Breathability isn’t so important.

I have an assos softshell which is good in showers and light rain but it can’t cope with heavy rain.

i’ve got a gore shake dry - appreciate that at RRP this is over your budget but i got mine with a big reduction a couple of years ago so keep an eye on sales but would also suggest that if your budget can stretch then they’re a worthwhile investment. If not take a look at this

You will just be as wet from the sweat inside. Trying to stay dry with a cheap jacket that doesn’t breathe is pointless.


Yeah, don’t bother with a cheap jacket. Better to get a decent shell gilet and accept you’ll get wet arms to be honest, your core will stay dry and you’ll keep some breathability.

1 Like Their Mistral may not be waterproof enough, but the Tourmalet Jacket might be worth a look?

I have several iterations of the Mistral range, but can’t speak to the Tourmalet Jacket specifically, but Galibier are my go to cycling clothing brand!


It’s a few years old now but I’ve had a great experience with the gabba 2.0 long sleeve. I got it for £120 way back then.

Can recommend clothes from Endura. Reasonable pricing, overall good quality.

If you’re an non average size you can sometimes pick up a Rapha jacket for under £100. IIRC I picked up my xs rain jacket for £65. It’s the most breathable rain jacket I’ve ever had, lol I wouldn’t have paid the op though. That said I usually go with a soft shell and maybe a waterproof gilet if its torrential if not a thicker soft shell and a regular gilet.

I agree with others - spend money on a great shell with technical features. Recently I purchased the Assos Mille GT Winter Jacket and its an excellent shell, water rolls off and its breathable. It is on’s list of 32 best waterproof jackets. These purchases are best done when you can find a good sale.

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Yeah that’s my softshell jacket. It gets saturated in really heavy rain though.


I’d rather be sweaty than soaked with freezing rain. At least then you stay warm


Thanks I’ll check em out

What’s the point of wearing a jacket if you’re going to get drenched in sweat?

Definitely get something with vents even if it kills the full waterproofness. All those breathable fabrics don’t do anything if you don’t have any convection in the jacket. The better the material, the more temp range you’ll get out of it and the closer you can wear it, but even the best materials need some airflow to work. A back vent is a minimum. I had a Gore GTX Active vest that was basically unusable at any temp because it would just turn into a steamy mess inside.

Gore cycling has nice stuff and it is on sale

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I wear this with either a summer or winter base layer, all winter long, no need for a rain cape as it is waterproof. love it.

Another shout for the Galibier Mistral, I’ve been out for 3 hours in the rain in mine and survived it. I believe they have a new iteration coming out soon.

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I’ve been using the Assos Schlosshund and it is fantastic. Can highly recommend Assos gear for UK weather. It is expensive, but seems to vastly outlast other brands.

Which is why I learned two things; in (uk) winter, you can’t stay dry and warm on the bike.

You can delay the wet and the cold, but you can’t prevent it. Also, I learned to be okay with my sweat.

I don’t use anything water resistant except a gilet. Goretex is good for light activity, like walking or hiking, but not my cycling.

I’ve used my Sportful Hotpack NoRain jacket a few times now, and it’s kept me dry, and packs up small enough to fit in a jersey pocket (but it does fill a whole pocket). It’s reasonably breathable, too, I’ve worn it for 2.5 hours at upper Z2 and didn’t feel like I was boiling in a bag, and wasn’t dripping sweat from the inside out, either. I paid 95€ for it.

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I mostly bought my jackets from Amazon and Reecoupons, maybe you find your jacket from there.

I’ve the Quick Step Blue Jacket, and the Pro. Waterproofing does have to be redone at this stage on the standard jacket. I’ve also a previous version of the Mistral lite, which was short sleeve. Pretty much Galibier are my go to for all gear.