Favourite Cycling Jersey Summer and Winter

We have a favourite bibs thread running and I was hoping we could start one for our favourite cycling jersey threads.

When looking at a favourite I consider things like the price (obviously), material, fit, longevity and comfort. This thread can be for roadies and off-roadies as well.

Lay it on me. What are your go to threads for the laying it down on the Sunday loops

I’m a fan of Stolen Goat summer jerseys at the moment (https://stolengoat.com/), some nice innovative designs and decent quality/fit at prices that are fairly sensible. Also have a nice club jersey from Pactimo (https://www.pactimo.com/). If it’s 20C or above and a fast or hard ride where I care about aero and wicking then those are among my go to jerseys.

Don’t really know where to start with winter kit as it varies hugely depending on how cold and wet it is. I’ve got a whole array of jerseys, base layers, gilets, lightweight water resistant jackets, heavier weight waterproof jackets, etc. If I had to pick a single jersey it would probably be my Castelli Gabba (now called Perfetto I think) which is a good staple item for variable conditions and snug enough for faster rides. If I’m racing in conditions cold enough to need a winter long sleeve that would be my choice.

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I really like my Rapha long sleeve classic jersey. It’s perfect for riding down to about 45-50, up to short sleeve jersey weather. It’s wool so I expect it to last a long time, I have a short sleeve one that I’ve had for probably 6 years. I was able to get one in fluorescent yellow last year, but it looks like the colors this year are black, grey, and navy, not awesome safety choices. Which is my major complaint with Rapha as a company, their products are great, but they have limited ‘visibility’ colors, which for me, is important.


Winter: Rapha merino jerseys. I have an RCC training jersey, Italy country jersey, and Brevet that are all fantastic. Warm but still breathable, fit and material are fantastic. Add my RCC wind jacket and I’m good down to the mid 20’s F. Side note: the Brevet long sleeve wind jersey is nice too, but runs very noticeably bigger than any other Rapha LS jersey I’ve tried so I don’t wear it as much

Summer: Either sleeveless (mostly knockoffs from DHGate), or if sleeved then Rapha Pro Team/ Lightweight

I live in Scotland so I’m not really familiar with Summer,

For autmun/winter/spring , Castelli Gabba/Perfetto is simply awesome


Castelli Climber’s Jersey is :ok_hand: for when it is warm out, absolutely fantastic at keeping cool

Winter - I’m more of a vest and jacket person than winter jersey person - don’t own long sleeve jerseys as I just do arm warmers

Related side note - I used to road ride down to single digits Fahrenheit, but I got over my ‘look how tough I am’ period of riding a few years back and don’t really go out if it isn’t going to be above 40 for most of my ride

My favorite winter top is a base layer from Craft that has a wind panel on the front. By keeping the wind off my chest, this thing adds 10 degrees to whatever else I’m wearing along with it.

I love my De Soto skin cooler jerseys for summer, nothing seems to wick sweat and keep me cool as well as their stuff. For winter though (live in Phoenix, so not much of a winter) , I have been perfectly warm on chill mornings with my Castelli perfetto convertible jacket and changing the base layer depending on how cold it is.

I would highly recommend looking at www.classiccycling.com Shane has a wide variety of gear but his Classic Cycling brand clothes are high quality at affordable. The “Ice Jerseys” are perfect for the heat of summer and fit like a glove. He also has a variety of jersey fits if your looking for something more casual. You will not find better pricing for the quality!

Check out @ lassiccycling

Ed K

Does anyone know a good quality cycling jersey that has a hole to feed headphones through?

I want to lsten to music on an outdoor track (no cars etc so no safety issues) but can’t find a jersey anywhere

Just took delivery of my first God & Famous jersey and have been blown away at the build, fit and function. Runner ups are Eliel and Ale PRR.

A lot of the Pactimo jerseys have headphone holes and clips

KOMraid do some decent gear. I love the designs but they aren’t to everyone’s taste.

Summer I: Velocio Ultralight Bibs and Cafe Du Cycliste Superlight Jersey

Summer II: Velocio Ultralight Bibs and Velocio Radiator Mesh Jersey (this thing is amazing - mesh but with 35 UPF)

I live in Texas.