Aero Sock Variations

What’s the difference between the various types of aero socks? I’ve seen a few different types and curious if there is any type that is better than others. Aero socks supposedly have big gains, so wondering if one of the designs below is better.

“Traditional” vertical grooves

Angled grooves

“Thatched” or netting-like, not sure what to call these


The goal is to create a turbulent layer around the sides of your calf so the air that’s blowing by sticks a little longer and creates a smaller drag pocket in the back. They’re all choosing to achieve that with slightly different fabrics. Without independent testing on your exact calf profile, it’s impossible to say which is better.


You may pick up a few watts…but “big gains” is a stretch.

As @timon nitrs, the difference between styles is mostly marketing. Find a style that you like and just trust they will add a few watts. Trying to determine which is “best” is a fool’s errand.