Aero skewers - Pinhead?

I’m on kind of a weird search for aero skewers for my TT bike. There’s less on the market than I would’ve thought. After seeing some kind of sketchy products, I came upon Pinhead. Their angle is that they are locks for you bike. However, they look to have the side benefit of being more aero than a standard QR skewer.

Does anyone have any experience with this brand or these skewers? I’m riding a new Cervelo P3 with horizontal rear dropouts.

I watched the FFT video more than once.
What would Super Dave K say???

I’ve used both AxleRodz and the Zipp branded skewers with good results.

I wouldn’t use anything that requires a special wrench. The day you lose or forget it is the day you have to take the wheel off. Go to a bike race and there are probably 200+ 5mm hex keys available. Heck, I have at least three in the tool box and one on the multi tool that lives in the car glove box :slight_smile:

I use PZ Racing skewers on both my TT and aero road bike, similar to the pinhead skewer. They do require a special “wrench”, which is small, I have one mounted up under the seat. I have no reservation recommending them. There is a cycling podcast where Josh from Silca speaks about pro TT bike setups while at a race, specifically citing the use of aero style QR skewers.

I remember that podcast, think it was cyclingtips. That’s what originally gave me the idea. Love listening to Josh Poertner.