Road quick release / QR / skewers, light vs 'normal'


I’ve just found a crack on my QR from Roval wheels (internal cam, housing has a crack, probably I was using too much force), and I need ones (or at least one ), S-Works Tarmac SL6 frame, rim brakes.
Can you feel difference between ‘standard’ ones that weights >100g and light ones? (35-50g?) I’m not talking about the weight but clamping force (affecting bike handling etc.)

according to some tests, those light external cam QRs can be even 30-40% weaker than internal cam QRs

External cam skewers whether lightweight or not are not as good as internal cam style. Yes get are lighter but do not provide the same security as a much heavier but much more solid and robust part that is holding your wheels in place. The absolute gold standard is the Dura Ace skewer but most any Shimano skewer works great. Campy are very good as well.

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Fairwheel bikes did a blog post / review of different skewers a few years ago.

While I’ve never had an external cam skewer release a wheel, I have seen then shift. External cams have less clamping force and also don’t feel as good in the hand compared to a good internal cam skewer.

I prefer a nice internal cam skewer. The weight differential is meaningless unless one is making a bike for the scale and not to ride. A more modern look, the DT Swiss units work well. Different design.

My $0.02 is to reserve the carbon and Ti external cam style skewers for the weight weenie show bikes. When I weigh mine I use the Zipp Ti Skewers. For a bike that gets ridden a lot, go with a nice internal cam unit.

FWIW - Most people ignore their skewers until / if they break. It’s nice to give them a drop of lubricant now and then to keep them operating smoothly.