Chasing wedges to angle arm pads on TT Bike

Hoping someone has seen these or used them before.

I had a bike fit on my Cervelo P5 Six last night and one thing we wanted to do was get my arms less horizontal and more praying mantis style. In order to achieve this I need some form of wedge to angle my arm rest pads 15 degrees. I have looked around on the net and some guys are charging like a wounded bull for these. Has anyone seen where I can get some to fit my 3T Aduro integrated bars?

What country are you in? Aerocoach do these in the UK but they would probably be classed as ‘wounded bull’ pricing?

Based in Australia but just ordered some yesterday from the UK. Found a guy on a UK time trial forum. Came in at around $50aud shipped. Now I need to get some new extensions

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