Aero jersey or skinsuit

So club kit ordering time, a good jersey would be a lot more versatile than a skin suit. Would I giving much away in crits if I went for the jersey option?

They were talking about this but with reference to XCO racing.

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Cheers, hadn’t seen that

I would totally go for a Skinsuit. I have nice skinsuits for racing and midrange/budget bibs and jerseys for training. I don’t need to go fast when i’m training so as long as it’s comfortable it doesn’t need to be aero. When i’m racing I want to be as aero as possible so I always wear a skinsuit.
Also the only time you “need” to wear club kit is when you are racing.


For road racing, I’m quite partial to the two-piece type skinsuits (like the vie13 “warrny suit” or castelli “san remo” suit). Very snug (still aero) pockets for a bar/gel, easier to unzip for cooling on a long climb, and more comfortable than a skinsuit.

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Are you going to give away “much”? Guess it depends on how you define “much”, honestly.

You will definitely give away some watts…how much is very dependent on the individual and the fit of the clothing.

If you are getting this primarily for crits, for me it would be a skinsuit, hands down.

Skinsuit for racing only. Aero and far more comfortable than bib jersey combination (N=1 Cuore)

IMO should never be worn other than on the bike mid race or podium afterwards. Your local cafe customers don’t need to see how lean or otherwise you are.

If your only buying one option, the bib and jersey is definitely more versatile. I only wear bibs on the trainer… a skin suit would be a hot option.


Cheers chaps, some good points. Seems like kalas do the two piece type as one of the options so wil give that a go.

Do you have the option for a ‘road suit’? Its not a traditional skin suit, it has separation at the waist in the front. They also have pockets on the back. I think theyre way more comfortable than just bibs and a jersey.

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To be fair, almost all skinsuits these days have pockets…it is not just something on the hybrid suits.

But those suits do make it much easier to pee…

what kind of skinsuit would you recommend primarily for zwift racing

i’m assuming full skin suit, aero helmet and those little shrink wrap thingies that can go over your shoes to make em more aero


Aero gloves will make a massive differance on zwift

And Jawbreakers add 13 watts

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Thread ressurection!

Like the above users, I’m considering a skinsuit for XCM racing specifically.

Who uses one? Would you recommend it?

I’ve been eyeing up one from Monton, though the Pactimo mentioned above I just looked up and looks pretty good.

(Inspired by the GCN video
Should We All Be Wearing Speed Suits For Cycling? - YouTube)

I haven’t used one for XCM, but used one for both SBT GRVL and Big Sugar last year with zero issues.

A buddy of mine also used one for Leadville a few years ago.

If the suit is comfortable and provides enough storage for your needs, I see no reason not to rock it.

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It seems ideal, my biggest issue is always tops riding up.

I need to find some sizing recommendations. What suits did @Nate_Pearson have?

I’m only 193cm, but reasonably narrow at ~77kg.

Monton is a great price, but if the “Asian Sizing” as they call it doesn’t scale upwards it might be a bit … of a stretch.

I cant find a skin suit for long rides, they all seem to have limited pads

Following this thread–in the market for Unbound and Steamboat. I ride in Rapha and Velocio bibs usually. Rapha has a skinsuit, but it’s black, which seems suboptimal for an 11 hour day.

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This one’s the Pactimo one I came across today.

It says the “Paris” chamois is more for shorter stuff. Looks reasonable quality though. I’ve never seen anything Pactimo in person though.

I’d love to find a skinsuit with decent chamois and one tight leg pocket. Kind of against the skinsuit ethos though so I will settle for a skinsuit that’s not black and has a decent chamois and fit comfortable for 6hr+.

I’ve used 2 in 1 skin suits for 4 years on races up to 17 hours. I find them super comfortable and wouldn’t want to wear anything else. Currently my team is sponsored by Castelli and I’m really liking them, I have 3 on rotation.


I felt like a lunatic buying my Castelli San Remo full price back in 2018. But it’s still going strong and I wear it a lot for all sorts of riding. For interval sessions on the road I like it as it makes you feel purposeful and quick. With a long sleeved base layer underneath so the arms poke out, it’s plenty warm enough for fast winter group rides, or I stick a Gillet on top too.
It’s like a sieve with all the race number holes but I’ll not hesitate to replace it once the chamois finally goes.

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