Dirty Kanza Kit

After listening to the Specialized Aero podcast, it seems a skinsuit can save considerable watts. Would wearing a skinsuit for a race like Dirty Kanza be ill advised? I would be wearing a small hydration pack as well. Would that negate the skinsuit? Would I be better off wearing a standard kit?



The specialized guys in that podcast suggested that a skin suit is better in all cases.

I guess a hydration pack with a skin suit is always better than a hydration pack with normal road kit or baggies


There was a Specialized Win Tunnel video specifically about testing with Ali Tetrick for DK200. They covered helmet, hydration pack vs. bottles, wheels and even modifying number plate for aero gains:



Of course they didn’t break down the aero savings of each piece, but the idea is there.

I think the theory on hydration pack is it’s much more out of the wind than a third bottle would be down under the down tube (I gather that’s a known aero killer).

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Assuming of course you are using a low profile like the Chase she’s using and not some of the more traditional bigger packs.


The more upright you are the less it matters. If its directly behind you and can’t be seen from the front it would almost make it better to have a bigger hydration pack I belief. It fills an empty space where air can become delaminated from your body aka turbulent.

I agree, but I think if someone is going to wear a skin suit, they are probably working hard enough for the aero gains that it’s size and their position should be of concern for them. :slight_smile:

The aero penalty/gain probably depends a lot on the individual rider’s body, position, etc., but I can see where you’re coming from.

In preparation for the upcoming gravel season, my plan is to do some chung method aero testing this spring once the weather starts to cooperate in my neck of the woods.

I’m most interested in (1) hydration pack over skinsuit vs under skinsuit, (2) hydration pack vs bottles, and (3) bottle placement.


Is there any concern with discomfort using a skinsuit rather than bibs and jersey? I have never worn one. Will it run hotter? Will the chamois be similar?


Lots of pros are wearing skinsuits for regular road stages these days and they’re riding all day every day.

I was envisioning something similar to this: https://www.specialized.com/us/en/s-works-evade-gc-skinsuit/p/151653

It’s not quite to the level of TT skinsuit and has pockets, but is still substantially more aero than regular jersey/bibs.

In DK besides aero considerations there are a lot of practical reasons to wear a hydration pack vs bottles. A hydration pack won’t go flying off when you bump over that washout rut that’s at the bottom of so many hills. A frozen water bladder keeps you cool for a while and keeps your hydration cool for longer than frozen bottles. Also…was it 2015 when so many folks picked up the bacteria normally found in bovine colons? Hydration packs are more hygenic. That bacteria was a great weight loss aid but not something I’d want to experience just the same.


DK200 is about comfort, nutrition, hydration, and equipment dependability. If the skin suit is comfortable and protects you from the elements, I would wear it. In regards to hydration, I wore a smaller camel back with water only in it. Worked well the first year. Last year not so much, since we had a heck of a head wind coming back home and ave speed dropped. Ran out of water on the third leg and never really recovered afterwards. This is part of the game and strategy of DK200.