Skinsuit at a reasonable (student ;) ) price

Hey to you all,

I am looking for a skinsuit for road racing and crits. What are you wearing and what are my options since I am on a constraint budged. My “team” does not have any clothing fit for racing, since they are a triathlon club that I got my license through . Thank you all for your suggestions!

Pactimo is pretty reasonable at $160. Cheaper than my bibs.

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I posted this a long time ago so here it is again. Gotta be the most reasonable priced quality product to date:


There are a few from this brand Galibier:

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Can’t go wrong and comes with speedpocket, never need to faff about making holes in your nice new suit.

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100 bucks. I have a pair of their Black Bibs Plus and the quality is very nice.

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I went with this one now in size S. I will let you know how it is and also tell youmy measurements when its there


If you go with Pactimo, follow their sizing charts explicitly. In my experience, they are pretty baggy up top compared to the legs, and some suits don’t go down to XS, which is what I’d need. My experience with their regular kit has been good and the quality is on point, so if it fits, you will be happy with it.

I happen to be an xxl in Castelli and nabbed one of these for $130.00. Looks like they still have it

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You’re in college and you didn’t mention TT’ing. I’d get the cheapest one you can that has pockets (I like a deep zipper to pee from the field in RR)
The skin suits mentioned above are nice.

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Galibier suit arrived:
Size Small - fits comfortable and not to tight. Arms are very snug as well as leg bands.
My Measurements:
Chest: 88cm
Waist: 77cm
Hip:88 cm
Height: 182 cm
Weight: roughly 67 kg

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I got myself a short sleeve speed suit and loved it so much, that after the 2nd ride I also ordered a long sleeve, too. Size M fits me perfect (180cm and 75kg) so that it feels kind of strange to stand up straight, because of the “riding” shape the suit offers. The long sleeve I ordered with the longer thighs that unless you have really short legs compared to your upper body fits even better.

Feels very fast too, without the wrinkles and no flapping sound :grinning:

the chamois also surprised me, no problem even on a 4h ride.

Not available in my size but anyways just wondering where is the said pocket on the pocket versions? Can’t tell in the pictures

@Lassefk I’ve got the long sleeve TR suit from Jakroo, fits very well and moderately priced… just the whole world will know you’re using TR lol

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I’ve been looking at Aliexpress, and need to pull the trigger on some riding gear from there. It appears that the best stuff on aliexpress is in the same league as the various unbranded shop/race/team gear out there. I’m not in anyway saying it’s Rapha quality, but it should be akin to what you can find in the cheaper racks of bike and box store racks.

It’s a bit of a lottery on 1) is the fabric breathable and okay, or nasty and sweaty etc, and 2) does the cut fit your particular body. But lets face it, for a skin suit, even if you spend $200, it still may not fit your particular body perfectly.

Anyways, I’m going to be ordering some bibs first, and then a speed suit once I see what the particular seller I settle on is like for quality/feel/fit for my body shape.


Bib from spexcel are just fine as well as their jerseys. Problem with a lot of the aliexpress stuff for me is , that the bibs/jerseys don’t have any of the neopren stretch ends